Tarporley – Worth a visit when in Cheshire!

Tarporley Cheshire

Tarporley, Cheshire – things to do and see.

Although Porthkerry House Bed and Breakfast is in gorgeous village Little Budworth, we are also addressed for Tarporley although a few miles away from the actual Village Centre.

Little Budworth is, of course, a Cheshire village in its own right – with Tarporley being a separate village entirely.

Tarporley is a great little village and differs mainly in its size and the shops available in comparison to Little Budworth.  Tarporley is much more busier and is more popular with those that prefer the ‘café culture’ as well as the local shopping experience that is on offer.  Tarporley has been used for adverts and TV because of its quaintness and beauty – especially in the Christmas period when it can become a picture postcard village scene ….when the snow is present of course!

Places to Eat & Drink in Tarporley, Cheshire

Tarporley has some great places to eat to suit all tastes and pockets.  People do travel from miles around to eat in the village as well as to be merry!  There are places to eat both traditional and international meals and far too many to list here!  We would never recommended a place to eat as our taste may be different to yours so we would say just Google (or click on the link) “places to eat in Tarporley” and you will see what we mean!

Places to Stay in Tarporley, Cheshire

So you may think that it’s a little strange that we, as  Bed and Breakfast, are talking about other places to stay in Cheshire?  We are very open and honest as well as understanding that not everyone wants to stay in a B&B – some prefer a pub, whilst others prefer a hotel.  We do, however, say that we offer off road parking, have two great pubs in Little Budworth itself and are the closets Oulton Park accommodation too – so if you want to be close to Tarporley and experience a second Cheshire village too then we could be your perfect choice!

On another note, Tarporley has some amazing places to stay too – some new and some that have been around for many years.  From hotels to B&B or traditional pubs, there is always a place to stay for your visit to Tarporley.  Take a look at this link –  Places to Stay in Tarporley

Things to do in Tarporley, Cheshire

You will probably be using Tarporley as a base for a much wider Cheshire visit?  There some amazing things to do in and around Cheshire.  As mentioned earlier, there is the international Oulton Park racing circuit that is visited by thousands each year and has some great events as well as more personal experiences (as also mentioned we are the closets Oulton Park accommodation here at Porthkerry House!).

There are some fabulous walks, including our own Little Budworth Park, The Sandstone Trail and Delamere Forrest.  There’s Chester and its famous walls; Beeston Castle and much more.  You may want to go shopping at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet or visit the amazing Chester Zoo?  The things to do are countless and Tarporley is a great base to do them all from.

So.  There’s our short introduction  to Tarporley in Cheshire – just a very short drive away from us here at Porthkerry House Bed and Breakfast.


FAQ’s About Tarporley

Is Tarporley a nice place to live?

Tarporley and the surrounding are, including Little Budworth of course, are beautiful and friendly places top live. With its lovely high streets, especially at Christmas, and plentiful eateries and shops - there i something for everyone who wants to live there. Tarporley is not a cheap place to live however, but there is a reason or that - where is there is a popular place to live then house prices naturally increase!

How far is Tarporley from Liverpool?

The distance from Liverpool and Tarporley is about 28 miles by car and about 46 minutes depending on the traffic of course! Coming on the train is a lot quicker of course but remember that Tarporley no longer has a train station unfortunately.

How far is it from Chester to Tarporley?

It is about 11 miles from Chester to Tarporley by car which is roughly 26 minutes dependent upon the traffic.

Does Tarporley have a train station?

Tarporley no longer has a train station I’m afraid! We believe the train station close in 1966 and there are no current plans to reopen it although there is an ongoing campaign to do so which we fully support of course!

What is the nearest train station to Tarporley?

We believe the nearest station to be Delamere and followed by Mouldsworth and Cuddington. Winsford is the nearest large town train station to Tarporley.

Does Tarporley have a shop?

Yes! Tarporley is known for its beautiful high street with many different shops for you to peruse.

Does Tarporley have a post office?

Indeed Tarporley does have a post office which is a key service within this lovely village. You can find it on the main high street.

Does Tarporley have a doctors?

Yes it does. You can use this link to get further information about the doctors surgery in Tarporley. https://tarporleydoctors.gpsurgery.net/

Does Tarporley have a dentist?

Yes - Tarporley has different dentists that you can choose or contact - including the Tarporley Dental Centre and Oaklands Dental Care.

What county is Tarporley in?

Tarporley is in Cheshire under the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester. Cheshire also has the unitary authority of Cheshire East which Tarporley is close to but not part of.

Are there any walks near Tarporley?

There are lots! This area of Cheshire is well know for its many walks. These include the Sandstone Trail, Beeston and Peckforton, Little Budworth Common, Kelsall and Willington, Delamere Forest and more.