A Cheshire B and B Treat – Easy to make Shortbread

An easy Cheshire B&B Shortbread Recipe

Here at Porthkerry House, we appreciate that guests have sometimes driven long distances to get to their destination – this small Cheshire B&B.  That’s why we like to provide a small, but meaningful treat – baked fresh – our own shortbread.

Each day we replenish the shortbread for you to enjoy.  We’re not secret with our recipe and have Delia Smith to thank in some small way (all those hours of learning how to bake paid off!) so can’t take all the credit for this shortbread – thanks Delia!

This recipe is adaptable – so you can add a small amount of lemon essence to spruce it up or dip half a biscuit into chocolate – make it your own recipe!

As a Cheshire B&B, we are one of many that offer a warm welcome to our lovely county – but one of a few that truly make our own shortbread on a daily basis – just for guest (although our Cocker Spaniel Asha does get the odd treat too!).


  • Plain Flour – 190g
  • Unsalted Butter (don’t panic if you have only salted!) 125g
  • 55g Caster Sugar
  • Some people add fine semolina (approx 30g) but I don’t think this recipe needs it  it’s up to you!
  1. Firstly – Pre-heat your oven to 170c (Ours is a fan oven)
  2. Get you butter – softened at room temperature – and cream butter and sugar together – use a mixer if you have one! – Hint – make sure it’s very well mixed.
  3. Sieve the flour (don’t miss out the sieving!) and mix well together with the sugar/butter mix using a wooden (if you have one) spoon.  The dough will start to look like breadcrumbs and then you can start to bring it together into a ball with your hands.  Hint – If the mix is a little crumbly don’t worry!
  4. Get a flat surface and dust with flour.  Roll out the mix until it is approx 1cm thick.  Hint – if you roll it thinner it will not take as long to bake – thicker and it will take longer.  You may find that the mix breaks-up – again don’\t panic!  Just form it back together – make sure your rolling pin is well floured too.
  5. Use a cutter to make your biscuit/shortbread shapes and place on greaseproof paper onto a baking tray. Hint – If you don’t have greaseproof paper butter the tray slightly.
  6. Bake for approx 12 mins but keep an eye on them!  They should not turn brown at all and if they start to colour, take them out!  They should be pale and just off-white.
  7. Sprinkle with some caster sugar.  Hint – do this form a height as the sugars disperses better.
  8. Take off the tray and leave to cool on a wire rack or something equivalent – don’t leave on tone the baking tray as they will cook further!
  9. Enjoy!

Cheshire B and B shortbread recipe

Don’t forget – making shortbread and baking is about practice!  Many a tray of shortbread has gone in the bin (and belly) as a result of trying to get things right but have fun trying.  The ingredients are not that expensive and you can make your own style of shortbread once you get the ground-works right.  I am sure your friends and family will love trying them out and giving you their opinion!

Hope you enjoyed this short recipe – please let me know what your shortbread turns out like so I can share it with others!

Cheshire b and b shortbread
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